Roof Safety Tips For Holiday Decorating

With the holidays drawing near, it’s time to get the decorations out. Many folks decorate their homes’ exterior, using their roof as the place to hang lights and other decorations. However, hanging decorations in the wrong way could damage your roof. Below are some roof safety tips to get the most out of your holiday decoration. 


One of the Most Vital Roof Safety Tips: No Nails 

One of the most significant errors overenthusiastic decorators make is to put nails into their roof to hang decorations. This move is a huge no-no. Nail nothing to the roof, or you take a chance of damaging the shingles and making holes that water could trickle into for a long time. Instead, use clips specifically made for hanging lights on your roof.


Watch Out for the Gutters

Some clips let you hang lights from your gutters. Be sure to follow the directions closely. Too much weight on the clips, and you might end up breaking gutters. Again, take your time and read the tips.


Be Mindful of Your ChimneyGrand Island Roofing christmas lights roof safety tips

There are plenty of extravagant lightweight decorations that homeowners lock to their roofs. Be cautious around your chimney. With windy conditions, your blow-up decorations are going to end up on fire, coming into contact with your chimney. Ensure your roof decorations are way away from the chimney, so the two don’t come in contact with each other. 


Don’t Tear it Off

When the holidays end, it could seem like an excellent idea to tear off the chimney lights that took you days to clip on the roof. Take your time to take down all the decorations with care, or you’ll risk destroying your roof. It could be enticing to give a couple of jerks, but no.


Lookout for Power Lines, Satellite Dishes, and Antennas

Watch out for anything mounted on your roofs such as antennas, satellite dishes, and power lines. 

Besides hurting yourself, you could also end up tearing down whatever is on your roof. Be sure that you stay away from roof vents too. Roofs are delicate units that you have to pay attention to or risk creating severe damage.


The Right Ladder

It is never smart to climb on your roof. Though, if you want to put a ladder next to your house to use, make sure the ladder is sturdy and top quality. 

Set the ladder up on the flat, secure ground to decrease the risk of a ladder accident. Use the leg levelers if you have to put the ladder on a slope.


Only Approved Lights

Lights not crafted to handle the changing weather conditions might cause a fire that could sweep across your roof within minutes. Only use outdoor holiday lights and never use broken, cracked, or lights that are showing wires. Also, don’t overload your power outlets. Overfilling your outlets raises the risk of a fire. 

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