How To Clean Skylights

Have you observed that your skylight appears a tad grubby? If dirt is shading your view of the stars and hindering the flow of natural light into your home, it’s time to learn how to clean skylights.

Skylight cleaning can be hazardous since it entails you to gaze skyward as you work, ruining your balance. The good news is that keeping your skylights look fabulous doesn’t have to be an agonizing experience.

A clear, sparkling skylight is a striking visual feature for your living space. Though, skylights have to be sustained and handled so the incredible sunrays can brighten your house. Like windows, skylights gather mold, dirt, grime, dust, and debris over time. If you overlook them for too long, skylights may get nasty, impeding their workability.


Learning How to Clean Skylights

Within a couple of months, your skylights could get dirty and covered with a nasty film. During autumn, debris, leaves, and sap fall on your roof and skylights. In the wintertime, snow, and hail deliver dirt to the glass on the skylight. 

And in the spring months, pollen covers your skylight in a butter-colored paste that is difficult to manage and ugly. The tips below will help in cleaning your skylights and keeping them clear.


Begin from Inside 

Use an extendable pole, ladder, and soft cloth to get rid of dust, bugs, spider webs, or dirt. If there are hard spots on the glass, just put some window cleaner on the cloth and wipe.


Grand Island Roofing how to clean skylights

Exterior Glass

Once the inside glass is clean, try to get access to the exterior glass of your skylight. First, take a dry rag and get rid of any tough debris. Next, use a solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water to clean the exterior glass gently. 

Allow the soapy water to saturate the glass before wiping it off. Then spray clean with water. Eliminate sap with a cotton ball and nail polish. Lastly, apply a glass cleaner with a soft rag to the skylight surface.


Maintenance Work

Once you have a clean skylight, create a regular checkup schedule that ensures it remains that way. Using soapy water and glass cleaner once a month keeps your skylight dirt-free and mold-free, sustaining a long lifespan in your house.

As with any roof maintenance work, skylight cleaning is a dangerous task. You shouldn’t attempt the job if you don’t own the proper tools. It would help if you also were comfortable working in high heights. If you don’t feel comfortable, call a professional to clean and service your skylight. Letting an expert handle the task is the most trusted and securest way to sustain clean skylights in your residence. 


Cleaning the Exterior Surface

When it comes to cleaning the outside of your skylight, your best bet is to let a professional handle the project. 

Even though you might use a power washer to do the job from the ground’s security, using accurate pressure can be problematic. A setting that is too high may destroy the flashing or some other part of your skylight. If the setting is too low, it may not be strong enough to give it a good cleaning. Contact us at Grand Island Roofing and speak with one of our professionals to see what we can do for you.