What Are Solar Tube Skylights?

While delivering natural light to interior areas of a residence was initially limited to hard-to-install, pricey traditional, customary skylights, today’s solar tube skylight gadgets light up home’s interiors with sophistication and style.

Bringing natural light into a living space is a relatively simple project, as long as the room is close to one exterior wall. Glass doors and windows have been flooding interiors with brightness for years. Though, when an interior space needs daylight, the choices get more limited, specifically skylights. 

Compact, budget-friendly, and simple to install than their conventional counterparts, tubular skylights are brightening up today’s living spaces in a more efficient, innovative way than ever before. 


What is a Solar Tube Skylight? 

As the name says, a solar tube skylight is a tube-shaped device that 

via a reflective-lined tube and a rooftop lens, catches the sunlight, and gives it to a house’s interiors. Possessing three key components, a tube, a diffuser, and a dome, these devices are smaller than traditional rooftop skylights. As a result, tubular skylights are cost-effective and simpler to install. With flexible tubing features, these skylights could fit into spots where a typical skylight isn’t possible.


How Do Tubular Skylights Function?

Grand Island Roofing What Are Solar Tube Skylights

Hallway with a tube skylight

Thanks to a rooftop dome, a tubular skylight gets the sun’s rays. Next, the light comes inside via a too reflective tube-shaped duct. A diffuser put in the ceiling diffuses the natural light to the room below. Unlike standard skylights that necessitate a direct line of sight, tubular devices change quickly to stop any obstacles and put the light where it’s necessary. 

Put in bathrooms, hallways, laundry rooms, and walk-in closets, tubular lighting devices not only aid in lightening interiors, but reduce electric costs. One problem shared between tubular skylights and traditional skylights: when clouds pass overhead or night falls, the light disappears.

When there’s lots of sunlight, the tube offers natural light. If there’s an abundant amount of light, an optional motorized baffle reduces the output. At nighttime, energy-effective LEDs mechanically come on. The result is a perfect blend of LED and natural light during the night and day.


Shopping for Solar Tube Skylights

Though the parts might look the same from system to system, not every tubular skylight is the same. Technology makes a vast difference in light functioning. You’ll need a product that offers the complete spectrum of light, so you receive the most transparent and brightest natural light ever. 

Look for the right gadget for your roof style and made with a leak-resistant, built-in flashing. Also, pick one that provides adaptability in terms of tubing configuration and has the Energy Star label, ensuring effectiveness and thermal performance.

Solar tube skylights come with a patented light-capturing dome. These domes transmit low-angle sunlight and refuse intense midday summer sunshine, giving a constant natural illumination during the day. 

Furnish tubing skylights with a host of decorative or flat ceiling fixtures, as well as dimmers, warming and softening lenses, and occupancy sensors.

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