How To Choose The Right Attic Ladder

Picking the correct attic ladder for your house may seem like an easy thing to do. However, there are a couple of things to bear in mind before opting to get one. Most of the time, homeowners fret about ceiling heights, fitting dimensions, and the differences between attic ladder products.

This article provides pertinent information so you can effortlessly select from all the choices available. Don’t forget that buying the appropriate attic ladder for your needs is crucial. The last thing you want to be is the neighborhood property owner who makes the incorrect choice and barely uses their attic.


Pick the Right LocationGrand Island Roofing attic ladder

It’s vital to consider the daily use of the area under the attic ladder. For example, putting it in the garage may be an inconvenience. You’ll continuously have to take your car out of the garage to get to the attic. This move may make the attic less regularly used. In the end, your ladder will be a pointless investment.

Also, be sure the area going to the ladder is big enough to carry all sorts of things you’ll take to the attic.


Pick the Right Dimensions

The opening is the width vs. length dimensions of the ladder when fitted to the attic floor. The space for a full-size attic ladder must be at least 54 by 23 inches. 

Consider how you plan to use the attic and the things you’ll be storing in the space. The bigger the attic opening, the easier it’ll be to get all your stuff up there. Though, it’s a balancing act between your budget and how frequent you’ll be using the attic. 


Pick the Right Height

This part of the process is where you need to measure the height from ceiling to floor. Attic ladders differ in length, and you have to buy the size that’s correct for you. Many ladders can change to various heights, making it more straightforward for you to select what you need.


Pick the Right Material

There are a couple of differences between ladders made from wood and aluminum.

Aluminum attic ladders:

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Resistant to rust and humidity 

Wood attic ladders:

  • Resilient and durable 
  • Economical cost 
  • Could be more susceptible to the effects of temperature change and humidity, based on the attic space structure and the change in temperatures during the year
  • Prone to natural defects

Attic ladders come in an assortment of designs and styles that combine different features that enhance safety, usability, and convenience. A lot of it boils down to personal preference. It would help if you kept in mind that you might have limitations due to your budget and available space.

Now that you realize the necessary steps to selecting the right attic ladder for you and your home, the next move is the installation process. When you’re ready to get started on your project, give us a call at Grand Island Roofing Service.