What You Need To Know About Metal Roof Installation

Metal roofing installation projects have become a sustainable option for practically all residences. There are currently shingle-style metal roofing materials that are nearly identical to customary asphalt shingle roofs. If you’re thinking about the advantages of metal roofing, here are some facts.


A Metal Roof Installation Project Isn’t Just for Fun 

At one point, metal roofs were only on architect-designed, high-end houses. That’s no longer the case. Currently, over 20 percent of all roofing installations use metal roof materials. At the same time, there is a drop in the market share for asphalt shingle roofing. 


Put a Metal Roof Over Your Current Roof

You can put a metal roof over your present roof without ripping off shingles. While shingle removal is the ideal route, tear-off is untidy, increasing the price of the project.

A possible issue with this sort of installation is stuck water vapor. If caught between the old roofing and metal roofing, water could build-up, creating decay and mold. But roofers could put in a vented metal roof that gets rid of this likely issue. Putting in a new metal roof over furring strips will elevate the metal, offering a ventilating air pocket between layers.

Be sure to check local building codes before starting a metal roof installation project. Some jurisdictions might require a complete tear-off when installing a new roof.

Grand Island Roofing Know About Metal Roof Installation

Metal roof with snow guards

Metal Roofs Aren’t Noisy

It’s a well-known mistaken belief that metal roofs are noisy when rain falls on them. When installed correctly, a metal roof isn’t as loud as any other type. Moreover, the attic and insulation offer a sound barrier. From inside the home, occupants barely detect a boost in sound levels with a metal roof.


Metal Roofs Don’t Draw Lightning

You may believe that a metal roof will draw lightning, but there are no facts. Metal roofs don’t raise the danger of a lightning strike. If a metal roof does get struck by lightning, it’s less flammable than standard roofing products. 


A Metal Roof is Economical 

Although many metal roofing materials have warranties equivalent to the top asphalt shingles. A metal roof lasts anywhere from 40 to 70 years.

It’s rare for a property owner to install more than one metal roof while living in the house. On the other hand, a homeowner will probably replace an asphalt shingle roof more than two times over 40 years. Metal roofing might be more expensive than asphalt roofing. However, it saves you money over the long run.


A Metal Roof is Resistant to Damage

One of the critical reasons metal roofing is increasing in popularity is that it is fireproof. With the threats of wildfire on the increase, metal roofing has grown into the roofing product of choice in several parts of the nation.


A Metal Roof is Energy Efficient

Research shows that a metal roof reflects solar heat, diminishing cooling costs by at least 20 percent. In areas where cooling rates are more significant than heating prices, covering a metal roof with a granular or shiny coating could enhance the roof’s reflective ability, increasing energy savings.

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