My Roof Is Missing Shingles, Will It Leak?

If you see that your roof has broken or missing shingles, you need a roofing contractor. This expert will offer a straightforward solution on how to improve your circumstances without attempting to sell you anything. 

An honest roof inspection consists of top-quality, detailed work after searching for signs of damage. The roofer does an exceptional job, caring about you and your home. A well-respected residential and commercial roofing company works hard to earn your trust and respect. Finding a dependable roof repair business is challenging. The evidence is in the performance. Your choice should be because of high customer satisfaction and positive reviews. 


The Issue with Missing Shingles

It’s also not always the case that missing shingles will be a big issue for your roof. Though, even a tiny, concealed water leak from your roof creates destruction over time. Problems within your residence include mold, damaged insulation, and rotting wood. Therefore, a missing shingle is way more severe than just a lost piece of your roof cover.


How Shingles Go Missing

Nails hold roof shingles in place. So, only a strong force, like hailstorms or heavy winds, can remove them. Also, damage due to adverse weather weakens the roof shingles, hindering them from offering protection from future storms. 

Grand Island Roofing will missing shingles cause a leak

Detecting Leaks in Your Roof

Most folks are clueless about having a leaky roof until they see stains and wetness on their ceilings. 

This fact can be due to missing shingles that you may have noticed but chose not to do anything about them. Taking care of a roofing issue, at first sight, saves you time and money down the line. Also, it increases the lifespan of your roof.

If you have just found the water leaks, then it could already be too late to stop the severity of the roof damage. Also, there could be damage to our windows and gutters. Trapped water produces mold growth, meaning your roof needs a comprehensive inspection. 

Call Grand Island Roofing if you suspect that there is water leaking from your roof. Our professionals perform a complete examination of your exterior and your interior, finding the source of the problem.