What You Need to Know About the Roof Inspection Process


Having a professional roof inspection is an excellent way to find out about any roofing problems so you can repair them before an emergency occurs.

Roofing professionals suggest having your roof inspected once a year. The inspection should take place during the autumn, spring, and after any significant adverse weather that included hail and high winds. 

Though, if you invested in a roof maintenance program, your roof would need inspecting based on its age. If you have not had your roof examined by a specialist, below is some information on the process. 

Signs that You Might Need a Roof Inspection

Drafts and leaks are two clear signs that your roof is damaged and needs an examination by a roofing contractor. Also, you should look for visibly leaking water, as well as stains and dark streaks on your ceiling. The moisture is damaging to your roof and your interiors. 

What Roofers Look for During an Inspection

What a roofing expert looks for during an inspection will differ based on the roofing materials.

If you have a shingle roof, here are some typical problems that a roofing specialist looks for during an inspection:

  • Water damage signs – Water damage can be due to a host of issues such as water not draining correctly because of clogged gutters. 
  • Mold – Mold growing on attic insulation and close to the chimney are indicators of excessive water damage. During the inspection, these areas receive plenty of attention.
  • Shingle deterioration – This could be loose or missing shingles.
  • Clogged gutters – If your gutters have an extreme amount of loose shingle granules, this is a hint that your shingles are worn. 

When examining your metal roof, finding any leaks and their causes is the main priority. Rust eats away at your metal roof, making huge holes that will let water leak into your home. A leaky roof destroys the drywall and structure of a residential or commercial property.

If you are ready to get a professional roof inspection, get in touch with us at Grand Island Roofing. When we inspect your roof, you get an interior inspection, as well as an exterior inspection.