Tips on How to Find A Roof Leak


The difficult part of fixing a roof leak is knowing how to find a roof leak. Yeah, it’s simple enough to spot mold growth or water stains as actual signs of a leak. But once the water has infiltrated the roof, it’s easily averted by such things as insulation. So, you might see the proof of a leak in the dining room; the entry point in your roof could be far away from that part of your home.

That’s why roof repair projects usually start with a certain amount of inspection work. With these tips for how to spot a leak in your roof, you can solve the problem immediately, fixing the hole before the destruction gets worse.

How to Find a Roof Leak? Head to the Attic 

To find the roof leak, get a flashlight, and go to the attic. Be sure to be careful. 

Use the flashlight to inspect the underside of the roof. Search for any places that are darker than the neighboring roof covering. If it hasn’t rained lately, wet spots might be too hard to detect. On the other hand, mold tends to remain. If you see a place of fungus, which flourishes on moisture, odds are you’ve found the susceptible entry point in your roof.

Source of the Roof Leak

Insulation could be hiding the underside of your roof. Being covered is helpful for discovering roof leaks. Insulation declines faster and more visibly than wood. Don’t forget that the leak source could be a few feet to either side of the damaged insulation spot.

It’s best to meticulously take out all insulation close to the spot where you see signs of a leak. That way, you can trail the path of the water from the harmed area to the water’s entry point in the roof. It’s vital to wear the correct protective gear.

Start on your Roof Repair

Leaks get worse. Act fast once you’ve found the location of yours. In many cases, it takes only a simple roof repair to manage the leak. For example, just replacing a shingle. If you feel uneasy about being on your roof, don’t hesitate to call a roofing expert. At Grand Island Roofing, our roofer handles any roofing issues, from fixing roof leaks to replacing roof shingles.