Do I Need to Remove Snow from My Roof?

Your neighbors are cleaning the snow off their roofs. For many homeowners in Grand Island, NY, roof snow removal is a formality during the wintertime. Some folks will remove snow from only the roof’s edge. Others take off all the snow. The reply to what you need to do is a little more complicated than you see your neighbors shovel their roofs.

Say No to Roof Snow Removal: Benefits of Having Snow on Your Roof

Snow, up to a point, is excellent for your heating bill. Snow works as additional insulation. Also, snow remaining on your roof means the insulation in your house is protecting you from the outside extremities. If the snow on your roof is hanging around longer than your neighbors, your insulation is probably in excellent shape.

Ice Buildup and Icicles

Any ice buildup or icicles on your roof is a grave issue. Not only does the ice weigh more than the snow, but it could also be a warning of more significant problems inside the roof.

Water interference from snow melting and refreezing can harm your home’s interiors.

Also, water damage makes roofs, ceilings, and infrastructure deteriorate. Those nasty brown stains in your residential property are an indication of water damage. These spots are hints that you need to remove the snow from your roof.

Signs of Too Much Snow on Your Home

Along with noticing the water spots, it is critical to look for cracks in your drywall. Drywall tends to break due to the changing structure. If your roof is pressing down on your house’s structure, it might be making your walls warp. Make sure to have a roof inspector examine these cracks in your home for other possible issues that are because of the snow on your roof.

Removing Rooftop Snow

You need to be mindful of the potential hazards of moving snow from a roof. Besides the possible destruction of the roofing materials, there are other things like falling off a ladder or someone sliding off the roof.

There are even folks who have died from attempting to remove the snow themselves. If you do decide to remove snow from your roof, don’t do it alone. The possibility of snow sliding off like an avalanche could cost you your life.

A better alternative is to hire a roofing company. Call us at Grand Island Roofing when you need a roof snow removal service.